The story of the Creative Designer and Founder:

Introducing Lili Zhao, the visionary designer and founder behind Bombyx House. With a distinguished education from the Rhode Island School of Design and over 17 years of experience in the fashion industry, including collaborations with renowned brands like Kate Spade, Calvin Klein, and Cole Haan, Lili Zhao brings a rare blend of artistic talent and professional expertise to every creation. Inspired by her grandmother’s silk house and driven by a commitment to sustainability, Lili is dedicated to redefining fashion through timeless elegance and ethical practices. At Bombyx House, we are more than just a brand – we are a movement towards integrity, authenticity, and the transformative power of beautiful design. Join us on this journey towards a more sustainable and stylish future.

About me, I was born in China, raised with a strong foundation of traditional Chinese values. My father served as a military officer, while my mother was a talented tailor and entrepreneur. 

From the earliest echoes of memory, I loved art, my imagination entangled with the extraordinary, discovering intriguing objects have been lifelong passions of mine. As a child, I spent some summers at my grandmother's countryside home, a traditional courtyard house filled with wonders. It was there I discovered handwoven silk, antique porcelain blush cases, pearl buttons, silver and blue feather inlaid headpieces, and many more hand-crafted treasures. Each object bore the gentle touch of a skilled hand, a piece of the soul embedded in its creation.



My grandmother’s village embraced a traditional way of life, recycling everything and living in harmony with nature. This upbringing instilled in me a deep appreciation for the connection between life, nature, and the human touch in handmade objects.

The story of Bombyx House:

Bombyx House was created out of my concern for the negative impact of fashion habits on the planet. After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design, I moved to New York to chase my dream. However, with over 17 years of experience in the New York fashion industry, I have witnessed firsthand how our fixation on fleeting trends can harm both ourselves and the environment. The fashion industry's industrialization has gone too far.

Inspired by my grandmother's silk house in HangZhou, China, the name 'Bombyx' symbolizes our dedication to timeless craft. 

How we make them:

We travel the world to source rare finds from artisans and bring these elements and parts to our studio in Westport, Connecticut. Here, each piece is thoughtfully designed and handcrafted with care by our designer. At Bombyx House, our mission is clear: to celebrate the artistry of handmade creations, reconnect people with the human touch, and honor the rich history and heritage behind every piece.